Marsten is a design and digital marketing practice based in Ontario, Canada. Sometimes we design things for print and digital. Sometimes we code things. We also market the things you want to sell. We are hands-on with every project and are choosy about what we take on to help our clients deliver digital, print and brand experiences that drive revenue, conversions and engagement.



Branding is more than designing a logo—it is a business strategy. Building a great brand is a process where we methodically consider the big picture; your key audience, goals, product/service, and your competition. Successful branding evokes a particular feeling from your audience and it’s easily identified through multiple details; logo, colours, typography, words and tone, shapes, and photography/illustration. Key items that we provide you with to get your brand started in the right direction; logo/wordmark, brand standards guide (includes logo, colour palette, fonts).

Our design experience is very widespread and fine-tuned to achieve fantastic results, no matter what your goal may be. Some types of items we have designed include; large-scale murals, wayfinding and signage, books (non-fiction, photo books, children’s books), business collateral, product packaging, advertisements and promotional materials, product catalogues, and social media collateral.

We develop digital tools that will help you build experiences that captivate your audience. From complex web apps on user-friendly, custom content management systems, to simple static websites, we focus on the end user experience; we handle it all. Examples of projects and systems we've worked on: iOS and Android apps, digital signage, user interfaces, craft cms, wordpress, drupal, HTML & CSS, server setup & maintenance.

Ready to move your retail store online or to start selling for the first time? We have the experience you need to help you do it right and make sure your product looks as amazing as it does in-person. Our goal is to make the creation and maintaining of your online store as easy as possible. We offer custom solutions and services for your shop’s specific needs, including: product photography, store and product organization, experience design, description and content writing, consulting on payment processing methods, point of sale systems, product sorting and dropshipping, and we can take it one step further by helping with product packaging and brand design (hang tags, personable branded notes, ecological and economical packaging).

Whether a project is 100% illustrated, or just a special detail added to the design, we have the talent to make your project stand out. Some types of items that we have illustrated; maps, children’s books, icons, logos, medical diagrams, t-shirts, poster art.

We interpret social media to be a marketing tool. Sure it’s fun to “like” photos all day long, but we understand what happens with those interactions and how to use that information to maximize our client’s end-goals. We have an honesty policy, meaning we will tell you if the type of campaign you want to run is not worth your time/money. Some specific digital marketing services we offer: Google Analytics analysis and reports, Google Adwords Search and Display ad campaigns, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and strategy, email marketing (design, setup, strategy and training).

A photo can make or break the overall design of just about anything. There is more competition than ever to have amazing photos in ads, social media profiles, and websites; not to mention the pressure to make your product/service stand-out from the crowd. We offer photography services alongside our other services to help our clients achieve their project needs. Some items we have photographed; product, artwork, people, streetscapes and architecture.


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